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Devisers is a leading immigration law firm which was established in London, United Kingdom. We have since grown a distinctive presence internationally that has been fueled by the consistency of our UK Immigration approvals. We now have offices in Dubai (UAE), Doha (Qatar), and Karachi (Pakistan).

The organisation formed to provide a service in the region to the expatriate Business Owners, Investors & Professionals community who wanted to settle in the UK, as well as New Zealand, Canada, Australia and Europe. Our professional expertise helps provide a complete customised immigration solution for your desired destination.

We provide expert advice and guide our clients from the start of the process all the way to becoming a British citizen. Our team of legal professionals are trained to ensure they provide the best advice possible to our clients. It is down to the expertise of our legal team we have an outstanding track record which is demonstrated in the volume of UK visa approvals we receive.

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The focus of orthodox and accurate advice is part of Devisers proud heritage of making proficient advice accessible to all.