UK Sole Representative Visa Received by our Pakistani Client

Our Pakistani client who is based in Karachi shares her testimonial of dealing with Devisers Immigration Advisers. 🇵🇰 🇬🇧 She received her UK Business Immigration approval under the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa program.

UK Expansion Visa Received by Our Indian Client

Our Indian National client who is based in Dubai, UAE shares his testimonial of dealing with Devisers Immigration Advisers. He received his UK Business Immigration approval under the UK Expansion Visa program.

UK innovator visa endorsement Pkistani client Nadia Saba Review

assalamualaikum my name is Nadia Saba and I belong from Pakistan I have applied for the UK innovator visa through the Devisers team and yesterday Allhamdullih I got my in endorsement later for the UK innovator visa and I really appreciate the hard work and efforts that have been made of device team especially appreciated […]

Mr. Mohammad Thanks to Devisers for all the help and support

Aslamu Alykum hello everybody my name is Mohammad abu mcaren i am egyptian nationality I’m living here in since 10 years a few months is back we started me and my family thinking about moving to the UK I was lucky that I have found advisors who give me all the support and all the […]

UK visa through Devisers Egyptian client

Asalamu Alaykum, my name Medhat Mabrook I just got my UK visa through Devisers help and support frankly I would like express my happiness and thanks and for their wonderful effort during the preperation period for the visa they offerred a lot of help & training untill i got my visa successfully in a very […]

UAE resident Pakistani Client review

hi I’m Sally I’m from Pakistan and resident of UAE for more than a decade now I’m into shipping business here and I had a dream to join be among the companies in UK that is a shipping hub for a long time for centuries so the thing is that it was devisers who made […]

UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa client recommending Devisers

hi my name is Intranil Deb my wife paramita recently got UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 visa actually Devisers name was referred by one of my office colleagues and instantly I felt for contacting they might I came here and initiated my process last year of course it has been a rewarding experience working with devisers […]

Irqa client received UK visa without interview

hello everyone my name is mohammad abdul mohsin salim from iraq I applied for UK visa through Devisers Dubai I would like to thank Devisers for assisting me to get visa without interview thy handle my case very professionally I recommend everyone to deal with devisers I got the visa recently all praise is due […]

Sole Overseas Business Representative visa customer Engineer Wael en Zuwain

Hi, Sabah al Noor. I am Engineer Wael en Zuwain. I just arrived UK. I deal with Devisers to get my residence here and I already collected the residency. And I hope to start a new work here in London InShaAllah. I recommend Devisers to proceed your process. Devisers Immigration Advisers is pleased to share […]

Mr. Melick say Thanks to devisers immigration in help to get his visa

hello hi everyone my name is Mr. Melick from from Camden Town and I using the devisers service and I come with my family to UK at 2018 I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you devisers also first of all they helped us with our uses regarding the business visa and […]

Wonderful journey with Devisers from DXB to UK

hello I’m Shafiq’ I was in Dubai now I’m standing in the UK devisers office and devisers helped me to get my business visa and to move from Dubai to the UK it’s been very helpful has been wonderful and they have been help me all along and the journey that I actually took from […]

Pakistani client very thankful to devisers team

Hi My name is Shumaila Rashid. I am from Pakistan I am very thankful to devisers team today, luckily I got my UK visa without any interview once again thank you so much devisers team Our Pakistani client who is based in Dubai shares her testimonial of dealing with Devisers Immigration Advisers services. She received […]

Successful Established Egyptian Client Review

hello everyone I’m Mehmmod Mabrok I got UK overseas business oriented Visa I would like to thank Devisers team for big hand to supporting me to establish a new branch for my company in UK thank you for all Devisers thank you Our Egyptian client who has received his UK visa under the Sole Representative […]

Devisers Qatar Client Review in London

I am Hussain Abbas I am came from Doha Qatar through over Devisers and I meet with Mustfa here in London and i set with him about 40 minutes it was very Use full and I recommend this place and this office for anybody wants to immigrate UK .thanks you very much Our Iraqi National […]

A Client from Morocco Review about Devisers Immigration

my name is Ahmed I’m from Morocco and devisers they helped me in my family to face all issues regarding business visa and they really well they were really helpful and they helped me all along procedures and everything for my application for businesses and everything devisers as well they had they were really helpful […]

Turkey Client Review about his visa process with Devisers

hello everyone, my name is Ahmet March I’m from Turkey I would like to take this approaches Thank You to devisers I used devisers service professional and great service to emigrate United Kingdom it’s their help I was able to set my office branch in UK and managed my jobs in Turkey from here they […]

Happy Customer recommending Devisers

my name is Mohammed Charik I am an Indian national living in Dubai for past 20 years last year we decided on immigrating to UK and we were recommended to consult Devisers by our friends we had applied to tier 1 entrepreneur stream and I am happy to announce that we have recently received our […]

Vignette Visa Client Review for Devisers

yeah I’m very happy with the devisers consultant for immigration I apply my resident visa to UK through devisers so they’re very organized and helpful they start to guide me how to do the documentation keep ready and keep them and they apply it for me even after I get a vignette visa I traveled […]

Devisers Syria client Review

Hi my name is zryan applied visa through to devisers and I am very happy i get my visa thy was very helpfull with me and thy support me to prepare my documents thy support me to submit my documents and i get the visa so on date 5 i am going to hand over […]

I found them very professional dedicated a client review

hi good evening I have taken a services from devisers for the UK visa so at least I found them very professional dedicated have experienced in their work and was actually now today finally I got the visa so it was very, very professional the way they handle so I want to say thanks to […]

Received visa without interview watch review

Aslam O alykum mera name Muhammad azhar hai main ny UK Immigration k leye apply kia tha sole representative visa uk tha mera tu main ny apply inky through kia tha devisers immigration krachi pakistan k through tu achi services hai inki or easily communication kia aor achy sey communicate kia or bohat dirrently aor […]

Visa Success story and costumer review for UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur

Aslam O alykum mera name saad sahfeeq shaikh hai or main is wakt karachi devisers main mojood hun jesa k main apko batana chahta hun k main nay yahan pay visa apply kia tha UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur ye ik business visa hai, ye jo chahta hai immigration k leye or successfully ham ko grant […]

Entrepreneur visa client review from Devisers Karachi

Mian devisers aya tha mujhy Entrepreneur visa UK ki khwahis thi , program tha aor devisers karchi main mujhy mery dost nay suggest kia aor main yhan aya aor main ny inky through devisers karachi k through process kia apply kia or successfully mujhy visa grant hogya aor main samjhta hun mera bara acha experiance […]

Father Johnny Review about Devisers Immigration

hello my name is father Johnny I have been taking immigration advising services from karachi devisers team since last past six years maybe more than six years and each time my visa have been granted successfully along with my family and I’m very much satisfied by the karachi team especially Mr. Zohaib and we’ll be […]

Tier 1 visa in Just three months customer review

“hello I’m Shafiq Devisers a professional organization who guided and helped me in getting my tier 1 visa in three months” Congratulations to our Indian client who has received his UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. He provides a review of Devisers Immigration Advisers in English. When you have over 10 years of experience and an […]

A happy Client Review Devisers Immigration Advisers

“Hello Everyone My name is wargese Jeens I am From India and I submitted the UK Sole Representative visa application to devisers office , the documents prepared on time and we submitted and i got visa Immigration my family is coming in next 10 to 15 days and I am very happy devisers is doing […]

Mr. Ali Faiz provides a comprehensive review

Hello Everyone I am Ali Faiz Abd Salam me and my father faiz abd salam, have applied for Tier 1 (entrepreneur) Team Visa to United Kingdom and we got it successfully from Devisers Thank you. Hello Everyone I am all Faiz Abdul Salam Congratulations to our Iraqi client who has received his UK Tier 1 […]

UK Sole Representative visa in 3 Months Egyptian client Review

“My Name is Maggie I have signed with divisors for sole representative visa for an application for sole representative visa for the UK recently we have signed with them June 15 so to approximately and we went through a long process till I have made the application and got the visa for me in end […]

Syrian client Review after receiving UK Sole Representative

Congratulations to our Syrian client who has received his UK Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa. He provides a comprehensive review of Devisers Immigration Advisers in Arabic. When you have over 10 years of experience and an expert team of lawyers you are able to win all types of complex cases. Whatever your UK […]

Pakistani Client Review about Devisers Immigration

Mera Name Ali Raza Ha, Aor main ny UK business Immigration k Leye Apply kia tha Divesers Karachi say, Inho nay bari kamyabi k sath mera case handle kia or phir visa bohat jaldi grant hogya without interview k aor iski waja say main samjta hun mera or meri family ka future secure hogya easly […]

Devisers Client Review recommending to everyone

I’m Alicia and I have Applied for business immigration on the pinata and visa from Karachi devices law firm and I received it successfully and I would recommend to everyone that please contact them if youwant to live abroad or live in UK When you have over 10 years of experience and an expert team […]

Recommend by Devisers Consultancy Client

” Hi I’m Mr. Muhammed and I have applied my case from Devisers and honestly really looked after me really well. They’ve handled the whole assignment professionally and I’m very glad and I’m very happy because actually I have been able to secure my future and my families future. And I would also obviously definitely […]

A Good Support by Devisers A Client Review

“I wanted to say a few things regarding Devisers. I saw them last year I had some problem with my Visa services from UK and I came to them – they really help me out a lot. My visa was a bit of a problem it was refused twice but Alhamdulillah with the help of […]