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What is a UK Innovator Founder Visa?

The UK Innovator Founder visa category is for experienced business people seeking to establish a business in the UK.

It is for business owners or professionals who have an original business idea which is innovative, viable, with potential for growth.

What are the benefits of UK Innovator Founder visa?

  • The most significant attraction to business owners & professionals is that it only takes 3 years to receive permanent UK settlement.
  • Investment is made after UK visa approved.
  • Once approved, your family will also be eligible for UK visa approval.
  • You & your family will have access to FREE Healthcare.
  • Your children will have access to FREE UK education.
  • With UK Passport & Nationality you will have complete travel freedom to 180 countries.

What are the requirements?

– You have access to £50,000 – £150,000 for investment into your business
– An endorsement from a Home Office approved endorsing body
– You have the required maintenance funds for dependents
– You have English language skills

What can we do for you?

Devisers are the #1 experts in the region for UK Immigration.

  • We have a team of dedicated legal experts with over 14 years of visa approval experience.
  • We will officially represent you to the UK Border Agency.
  • Support with all business plan preparation.
  • Support your application to receive UK Home office approved endorsement.
  • Preparing & advising on all the documentation needed for application.
  • Provide support services till UK Passport & Nationality is received.

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