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Portugal is the leading destination for individuals and families seeking residence within the European Union. It offers a stable political and social environment, clear and transparent tax rules, good infrastructure, a favorable investment climate and an excellent quality of life. Most foreigners consider the cost of living to be low.

The Portugal Passive Income Visa – also known as a D7 Visa – provides residency status to non-EU / EEA / Swiss citizens, including retirees, who intend to relocate to Portugal and are in receipt of a reasonable and regular passive income. . Portuguese legislation provides for a special visa – D7 Visa – that allows foreigner citizens, who wish to reside in Portugal as retirees or live on their own income, regardless of age, the entrance in Portugal in order to obtain a residence permit, provided that they can prove to have sufficient income to provide them with means of livelihood. This income can come from real estate rentals, investments, among others

Eligible applicants benefit from the following attractive perks:

  • The right to live, work and/or study in Portugal
  • An applicant may include dependent children and parents
  • Visa-free travel throughout the Schengen Area of 26 European countries
  • The option to take employment or establish a business in Portugal
  • The option to apply for Portugal’s Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) tax regime status
  • Qualification for permanent residency or citizenship in Portugal after five years
  • Portuguese residency rights, including education and healthcare

Passive Income requirements

The key requirement for making a successful application is to be able to demonstrate that you are in receipt of regular ‘passive’ income, which may be derived from a pension, rental, dividends or certain categories of investment income.

The minimum income requirements vary according to the number of dependants that the main the applicant wishes to include, as follows:
Main Applicant – 100% of the minimum wage (currently €8,460 per annum)

Spouse or parents of main applicant – 50% of the minimum wage per person (currently €4,230 per annum)

Dependant children – 30% of the minimum wage per person (currently €2,538 per annum)

Eligible Dependents

The main applicant is entitled to include the following dependant family members within their application:

  • A spouse or partner
  • A minor or incapacitated child
  • Dependant parents of the main applicant or their spouse
  • Minor siblings, who are legally deemed to be in the care of the main applicant