The Portugal D2 was created with the objective of attracting foreign entrepreneurs who want to invest in Portugal, creating small and medium sized companies with economic, technological or cultural relevance to the country. The high standard of living, safety, lower cost of living, pleasant climate, well-educated workforce and a low corporate tax rate make Portugal an attractive destination for migration. In addition to this compared to other EU countries, Portugal is an attractive destination for people who wish to launch their business or start-up or want to travel and trade more easily within the EU market.

The Portugal D2 or Immigrant Entrepreneur Visa program is the most popular and successful way of getting residency in Portugal. Now you can live and work in Portugal, while opening your own company or transferring one already in existence. Once your application is approved, you & your family will be granted residency in Portugal. This will entitle you to live and work in Portugal.

The D2 visa has advantages compared to the Golden Visa. Unlike the Golden Visa, there are no minimum amount requirements, although most immigration firms would advise you to invest at least €5,000 worth of capital to demonstrate the credibility and viability of your proposed business plan. The more money you put into your company, the better your chances of getting a visa.

Your business plan will be evaluated in terms of its financial viability as well as its economic, social, scientific, technological, and cultural relevance.

Do you have an existing business? Or would like to set up your own company in Portugal? The Portugal D2 visa is the most flexible and user-friendly option for those who plan to launch or expand a business in Portugal. Unlike the Start-up Visa, which only applies to new technology businesses, the D2 visa has no such limitation. Moreover, it does not limit your choice of location within Portugal by requiring that you begin your venture in one particular region; you can even set up a Portuguese branch of your existing foreign business.



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Who Can Apply?

The D2 Visa is open to non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens who:

  • Either want to start a business in Portugal
  • Set up a Portuguese branch of your existing foreign business.

Requirements for the D2 Visa

You must meet all requirements that are set by the Portuguese Government. Your application will be thoroughly and carefully reviewed by experts.
The following are essential for a successful application:

  • A solid, well-structured Business Plan
  • A viable business
  • Sufficient capital
  • A solid business reasoning for the creation of the business
  • Proof of the financial resources to support the setup and growth of the business
  • Proof of means of subsistence. This normally means a minimum full wage annual value, plus half of that amount for your spouse and €2,160 for children. The minimum wage in Portugal is around €7,800, but this changes every year.

Family Members and Dependents

You can apply for a Family Reunification Visa to bring your spouse, your children, and your parents (considered dependents) to Portugal after receiving your initial residency permit. You must demonstrate that you not only have the financial resources to support yourself, but also each family member. However, the amount for spouses and children is not as high as the amount for supporting yourself.

Eligible Dependents

The main applicant is entitled to include the following dependent family members within their application:

  • A spouse or partner
  • A minor or incapacitated child
  • Children older than 18, who are single and studying in an educational establishment in Portugal
  • Dependent parents of the main applicant or their spouse
  • Minor siblings, who are legally deemed to be in the care of the main applicant

Citizenship Process

The D2 provides a path to Portuguese Citizenship as well as a way of living in Portugal. Under the D2 visa, Portuguese residency permits have been granted for an initial period of 2 years.

After 5 years of residence in Portugal, those on the D2 are eligible to apply for settlement(Citizenship).

During those 5 years, you must spend at least 90 days living in Portugal to maintain your residency and be eligible for settlement. If, however, your business requires you to travel outside of Portugal for work, there is a certain amount of flexibility given.