UK innovator visa endorsement Pkistani client Nadia Saba Review

assalamualaikum my name is Nadia Saba and I
belong from Pakistan I have applied for
the UK innovator visa through the Devisers team
and yesterday Allhamdullih I got my in
endorsement later for the UK innovator visa and I
really appreciate the hard work and
efforts that have been made of device
team especially appreciated and they have
made my application successful in no
time so devisers thank you so much it’s
highly recommended thank you

Devisers Immigration Advisers is pleased to share that our #pakistani client has now received her UK innovator visa endorsement. We would like to congratulate our client & thank our legal team.


Mr. Mohammad Thanks to Devisers for all the help and support

Aslamu Alykum hello everybody my
name is Mohammad abu mcaren i am egyptian
nationality I’m living here in since 10
years a few months is back we started me
and my family thinking about moving to
the UK I was lucky that I have found
advisors who give me all the support and
all the advices until it successful
obtaining observe is about me and my
family are preparing now to go to UK and
I’d like to have all the team of Devisers
for all the help and support during the
past two months
thank you

Devisers Immigration Advisers is happy to share another client testimonial from our Dubai based client who is Egyptian. Mr Mohammed is now opening his first branch office in the UK. Our legal team received approval from the UK embassy for his case under the overseas business representative program. If you have a business and are interested in opening a branch office in the UK to obtain a UK Passport for you and your family, please contact us: www.devisers.org.uk Dubai, UAE: +97144539696 Doha, Qatar: +97444230800 Karachi, Pakistan: +922134320425

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