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Fake websites outside Gulf region running negative reviews against UAE immigration firms



  • UAE-based immigration Firms, Devisers Immigration Advisers urges value partners and immigration applicants to not fall prey to fraudulent websites operated from outside the Gulf region running fake campaigns and reviews that malign legit immigration firms



  • Not everything that appears on an internet search is authentic. Genuine reviews are identifiable if they are posted on the most trusted platforms, which usually do a good job by weeding out suspicious and fake reviews
  • Check to see if there is a spike in the total number of reviews during a short time frame. This can indicate a targeted campaign to add new artificial reviews



The war against online scammers


The modus operandi involves the fraudulent websites posting fake negative reviews on Devisers Immigration Advisers’ services. They later resort to blackmailing the immigration consultants by demanding a fee in order to remove the fake reviews. The team at Devisers Immigration Advisers takes this opportunity to thank its clients who have been supportive in these situations. The brand is grateful for the trust clients have shown in them, while simultaneously lending the brand the confidence and courage in their relentless war against professional online blackmailers by not paying them a fee and helping report such illegal incidents to the concerned authorities.

Devisers Immigration Advisers also takes this opportunity to show its appreciation and gratitude to the legal system as well as all concerned authorities for helping the immigration consultants overcome these challenges in a timely and efficient manner.


Beware of fake online reviews


Currently in the grips of the pandemic, the world is looking to gravitate towards a post-Covid era, one that prompts social distancing norms and forced remote access. All this leaves customers with little choice but to rely increasingly on online reviews to gauge the digital reputation of a company. It is hardly surprising therefore, that a thriving trade in fake reviews exists.

With the extensive experience that Devisers Immigration Advisers commands within the sector, the brand would therefore like to educate people and raise awareness levels on the possible ways fake reviews could be identified.

Identify trusted sources

Not everything that appears on an internet search is authentic. Genuine reviews are identifiable if they are posted on the most trusted platforms, which usually do a good job by weeding out suspicious and fake reviews. Unreliable sources such as homemade blogs, websites or unknown sources are custom-made platforms as they are solely made for the purpose of targeting different companies and maligning their online reputation before asking for a ransom amount in order to delete the fake reviews.

To identify these fraudulent websites, it is important therefore to look out for the overusage of “I” and “me”, as well as a lot of verbs.

According to research the online reviews that frequently use “I” and “me” are more likely to be fake than those that don’t — possibly because when people are faking they try to make themselves sound credible by using personal pronouns. Additionally, deceivers use more verbs and truth-tellers use more nouns.


Beware of scene-setting


The research study also found that setting the scene within the reviews could be a warning sign for fake reviews.

In this instance it is critical to watch out for generic names and/or photo-less profiles.

One of the ways fake online reviews get generated is through a faceless offshore person pushing bulk reviews against the company under different accounts. To spot these, look for names such as John or Jane Smith, or just names that sound like fake profiles, as well as just numbers and letters being used as profile attributions. Again, around 99 per cent of the time, the name will not be supported with a profile image of the individual.

Examine the timing of reviews


Check to see if there is a spike in the total number of reviews during a short time frame. This can indicate a targeted campaign to add new artificial reviews.

Look for phrase repetition


Look through several reviews and see if any words or phrases are repeated in different reviews. Reviews that use the same phrase or phrases may have been worded deliberately in such a manner by the party faking the reviews.


Check for spelling and grammar errors


Many fake reviews are outsourced to content farms, which may mean they are either written in poor English or not in the way a genuine consumer would express his or her opinions.


Devisers Immigration Advisers would once again wish to emphasize on the importance of this public awareness campaign on behalf of prospective immigration clients. It also requests its peers within the sector to never come under pressure from professional online blackmailers operating from outside the Gulf, who put up fake reviews against companies, before forcing them to pay in order to remove the same. Let your success be your response! If such a situation were to arise, Devisers Immigration Advisers requests the companies affected to immediately contact the concerned authorities to report such incidents without fail.



For more information you can visit Gulf news official campaign about negative reviews against UAE immigration firms

Devisers Reviews

Devisers Immigration Reviews



Planning to start a new business in the UK? Meet Devisers immigration advisers consultancy



The decision to settle abroad can be scary till you have not collided with some good advisors on the way to starting your business in the UK. There are a lot of options available for getting business visas in the UK, but you are not aware of the tiny differences and the special applications procedure.



For making your immigration process hassle-free, you should try to hire a certified consultant to move your visa process in the right direction. Applying for immigration services is time-consuming as well as an expensive affair. In getting a visa, a small error can lead to visa rejection and, finally, loss of total payment. So, it is mandatory to hire a well-qualified and certified immigration provider to ensures that your application process doesn’t get rejected.



In that case, you can hire Devisers Immigration Advisers to guide you throughout your immigration process and who assure you of getting your visa. The praise-worthy devisers immigration reviews reflect their work module. Before hopping to their office, you can take a glance at their devisers immigration Dubai reviews.



The devisers immigration advisers reviews provide a better picture of their work in UK visa approval.  They are serving worldwide and have many happy customers present globally who left great devisers consultancy dmcc reviews after getting their visa approval from the deviser immigration adviser.



Devisers Immigration Advisers offer expert advice and immigration services worldwide through their offices located in London, Dubai, Doha, and Karachi.



The Deviser advisers immigration service provider ensures your application for getting UK visa approval; in return, expect a good devisers immigration advisers reviews so that others can also get benefits from their services.



Who the Devisers Immigration advisers are? 



Devisers immigration advisers are the renowned group of UK-qualified lawyers providing the best immigration services and advice to the people who want to settle abroad for their business or entrepreneur. They are presently serving internationally and are top in getting most of the UK visa approvals and in getting creditable devisers immigration Dubai reviews for businesses and entrepreneurs.



The main headquarter of Devisers Immigration are located in London, United Kingdom. The organization offers its services to expatriate Business owners, investors, and professionals who want to settle in the UK as well as New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and Europe.



What do the devisers immigration advisers offer to their clients? 



The devisers immigration advisers offer several facilities to their clients like:



  • Sole representative Visa UK

The sole representative reflects the business visa category for the business that sends their employee, or senior representative to establish a commercial presence of their company in the UK. In this case, immigrants can get their permanent settlement and UK passport after 5 years in the representative of an overseas Business visa category.


  • UK Innovator visa

The UK innovator visa category is for businesspeople seeking to establish a business in the UK with an innovative and viable business idea and also have access to at least $50,000 to invest in their business, but certain exceptions are applicable.


  • The UK start-up visa

This visa category is for individuals who are new entrepreneurs or employed person and want to establish a business in the UK for the first time.



Why choose Devisers Immigration Advisers over others? 


The services provided by the Deviser immigration are reliable, and the consultant present at their offices are well qualified to give the best advice in terms of the immigration and visa approvals process.



You can go through devisers reviews to check their work and the happy clients present globally. They helped 100+ entrepreneurs in settling their business and start-up in the UK.



The Devisers consultancy dmcc reviews demonstrate the reliability of their work. Their website is flooded with praise-worthy devisers reviews, which is a great thing to compare in case you are planning to take immigration services with some other immigration service provider.



Might these quick devisers reviews prove to be beneficial for getting your visa approval!

uk immigration

A Guide to UK Business Immigration: All the Rules You Need to Know




A Guide to UK Business Immigration: All the Rules You Need to Know


UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) are responsible for the operation of the UK’s visa service you should apply ahead of time. Visas for entrepreneurs



Start Your Own Business

You’ll first need to obtain the permission to set up a business in the UK and to recruit workers from abroad. You’ll also need to submit a detailed plan of your business. Applications are usually refused for applicants without financial resources. A successful business will normally require several members of staff with specialized skills. You can use a web application to send applications. UK Visas and Immigration is accessible through over 4,500 offices, post offices, and online. Investment Immigration Investor Visas In the United Kingdom, companies and individuals investing in UK businesses and professionals can be eligible for investor visas.




Junior Staff Entry Level Graduate (Fellowship) Internship Work Programme Visas Work Visa UKVI are one of the highest earning service providers to businesses looking to start a new business in the UK or expand their current business in the UK. If you have a genuine need for an international entrepreneur visa, or a migrant worker you must contact a financial company (business immigration advisor) to assist you with this process. Some of the most notable examples of international migrants include Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Donald Trump and Larry Page. For more information visit our guide to international millionaire visas. Work visas UKVI publish guides for different categories of visa with deadlines for submitting applications.


Entrepreneur Visas

There are a lot of options for getting a UK business visa, but you may be unaware of some of the smaller differences and special applications. These are different options for different types of visa and come with different needs. There are also various types of entrepreneurs, so you should speak to an experienced lawyer to understand your options. This article is designed to provide a brief guide to UK business visas so you can make an informed decision. Visa Types There are two main types of visa available in the UK. Trusted Trader A trusted trader visa is used to allow you to work for a limited amount of time in the UK. You can apply as a self-employed individual or a sole trader to work in the UK.



If you’re thinking about moving to the UK, you’ll need to deal with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). It’s responsible for the processing of all UK visas and immigration documents. This includes permanent residence, citizenship, applications for short term business travel, and other immigration-related issues. However, you should never attempt to obtain a UK visa or immigration documents without first getting in touch with the UKVI to make an application for one. You can easily check and apply for a UK visa and visa documents in just a few minutes. With UKVI, you can also ensure your application and visa request meets all the rules, regulations, and visa policies.




Devisers Immigration will assist you in preparing a successful business Immigration application. Your case will be assigned to a dedicated Immigration Lawyer who will support you in the process from start to end.



We started way back in 2007, it’s been 14 years and we have come a long way. Today we help more than 100,000 happy customers in a year to pursue their immigration dreams.

Devisers Reviews : Thanks to our customers and our relentless efforts we have gained the reputation of a reliable immigration and visa consultants

Devisers is your one-stop-shop for all your visa and immigration-related requirements.

Our wide range of products and services cater to a variety of immigration needs and help you reach your goal whether it is to Business visa, Study visa, Work Overseas, Migrate Overseas, Invest Overseas or simply Visit Overseas.



Our assistance covers the following:

  • Document checklist
  • Complete Business Plan
  • Assistance with collecting supporting documentation
  • Visa Interview Preparation – if required
  • Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate


Talk to Our Expert of Lawyers:

Tel: +971 44539696

Office Timings: Saturday – Thursday: 10 AM to 7 PM

Worldwide Offices: UK – UAE – QATAR – PAKISTAN


Applying for a UK Visit Visa | Devisers Reviews



Applying for a visit visa

If you are thinking of moving to the UK permanently, or you want to stay for an extended period to settle a business or family member, you must first apply for a UK business or visit visa. You must travel on a business or visit visa to the UK, meaning that you will have to establish your business or family relationships with someone in the UK. The purpose of a visit visa is to provide proof of your intended stay in the UK. It is intended that you should not be in the UK more than six months.



What is a visit visa?

If you are one of the individuals who travel frequently to the UK then you will have used a visa before. If you have not, then the procedure can be daunting and time consuming. A visit visa is a temporary visa that enables you to enter and stay in the UK for a set period of time. The visa can either be for a specific visit or to remain in the UK on a longer term basis. Visit visas can be used for a specific duration or as long-term permits. What are the main reasons why you need to apply for a visit visa?



The UK Immigration Rules

“I live in the UK and have taken a low skilled job. Is my application for a stay of more than six months successful?” The answer to this question is complicated, but generally, you must be eligible to work in the UK. It is better to get the relevant enquiries checked at the right time, either from your accountant, or if you have already got an application in, before you contact the department and start revising your application. Your accountant can advise you about the various options, and point you to the relevant steps you need to take. This could be checking the specific immigration criteria that you need to meet, or a more general check of your application, and, if necessary, re-applying.



What are the requirements for a visit visa?

Most visitors will require a visa when they travel to the UK, especially those who enter the UK for business. Business visitors are typically those who need to conduct meetings with company employees or other businesses in the UK, but can be in any sector. However, visitors are specifically defined as those who intend to work or work on site. Visitors are typically bound to work within the terms and conditions of the visa application. Visas generally take up to three months to obtain and are issued in addition to the passport. A visit visa is issued to enter the UK for business travel and is valid for the duration of the trip, plus six months. This includes in the event of an emergency, and must be valid for the duration of the visit.



How do you make an application?

The way an applicant can make an application is through an online application process. How to make an application Here are the steps to follow: Make an appointment online with an authorised Visa application centre. You must provide a photograph at your initial interview. The cost of a UK Visit Visa application is £157.80 (£174.80 after Jan 2019). Alternatively, you can call the numbers below. For general inquiries, visit https://www.visa.gov.uk/ You can visit a VAC to apply for a UK Visit Visa. Where possible, apply online and complete the form using the payment method selected on the website. Alternatively, make a booking using the payment method you previously selected.



How long does it take?

The successful applicant for a visit visa usually needs to submit their request for processing within seven working days and an Application Form to the Home Office within 14 working days of submitting the Request. A shortlisted applicant is usually notified within seven working days of receiving an Application Form. This is most likely to be either the date that the request was submitted or the date the Application Form was received. The current processing time for an application is approximately 14 days, although this does vary depending on the applicant’s nationality and/or the amount of documentation required to support their request. This includes the completion of the Home Office’s Computer Aided Processing System (CAPS).



What are the costs?

The cost of applying for a business visa will depend on the category of visa requested. Visas for employment and family based visas may require an initial investment. Visas for family based visas in particular can range between £180 and £1,200. Visas for visitors, student visas and short-term business visas are usually £50 to £100. As with any visa application, applicants should take into consideration the time of application, the amount of money required and the category of visa.



What is the best way to qualify for UK business immigration?

Most people assume that any resident of the EU or its precursor states who meets certain criteria can access Business Immigration without entering a visa process. But UK business visas can be easier to secure if a customer or company does have a recognised foreign company or official partner with a presence in the UK. Every application can be verified through the Freepatent System and each form is fully checked against the full electronic HMRC database of UK businesses. All your documents must be prepared in advance. How can my company qualify as a recognised UK business? If your business is truly an established UK business, then you need to show that it is able to pay a minimum amount of UK tax.




Business Immigration is an interesting and highly competitive field to work in with talented and talented people sought after all over the world. It requires a little bit of effort to be successful, but if you put in the effort you could be rewarded. UK-based professional immigration services provide a very good service to help make it possible for you to get the right immigration status and visa to do business in the UK.




Devisers Immigration will assist you in preparing a successful business Immigration application. Your case will be assigned to a dedicated Immigration Lawyer who will support you in the process from start to end. Our assistance covers the following:

  • Document checklist
  • Complete Business Plan
  • Assistance with collecting supporting documentation
  • Visa Interview Preparation – if required
  • Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate



Talk to Our Expert of Lawyers:

Tel: +971 44539696

Office Timings: Saturday – Thursday: 10 AM to 7 PM

Worldwide Offices: UK – UAE – QATAR – PAKISTAN


devisers immigration reviews success stories



We are happy to be sharing another client testimonial from our Dubai office.


Congratulations to our client and our expert legal team who has helped him receive his UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. As a British Citizen he will have:


✔️ Full rights to work and live in the UK.

✔️ FREE access to one of the world’s best public health care systems.

✔️ FREE access for family members to attend the country’s world class schools, universities and colleges.

✔️ The right to travel visa-free to 156 countries.


If you’re business owner or investor then contact us today 044539696 to help you get a British Passport & Nationality.


Devisers Immigration Advisers Review & Client Testimonial

” Hi I’m Mr. Muhammed and I have applied my case from Devisers and honestly really looked after me really well. They’ve handled the whole assignment professionally and I’m very glad and I’m very happy because actually I have been able to secure my future and my family’s future.


And I would also obviously definitely recommend to anyone else to as well to take up Devisers Consultancy because they are very professional and they actually work very well even in pressure as well.


And I would obviously definitely recommend to all my friends and family. And obviously get you guys to also sign up with them as well. So take my word for it and my wife and I we’ve successfully got Tier 1 entrepreneurship application done and I am very happy with the results that I’ve got.


Now very soon we’re moving and I wish you guys all the best and hope you wish me luck and prayers all the best as well.”


About Devisers Immigration Advisers:

Devisers Immigration Advisers are a leading immigration law firm with head office based in London UK and offices in Dubai, Doha & Karachi. We pride ourselves in offering customised immigration solutions for UK Immigration, Canada Immigration, and Australia Immigration.


We are available to provide advice and guide our clients throughout the process of immigration. We have the team of dedicated professionals working in their field of expertise with positive attitude. We take great pride in our staff and have a wonderful team of counselors and professionals working for us.


Our counselors are trained and have to meet the benchmarks set by the organisation to ensure that they provide the best advice to our clients. We are aware of the variety of different circumstances and requirements that benefits individual or corporate clients, this unrivaled understanding helps us in helping you in every aspect of your inquiry.


Our Mission is to provide outstanding quality service which is efficient and cost effective that helps us to delight our clients.


Watch more: Devisers Immigration Reviews

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