UK visa through Devisers Egyptian client

Asalamu Alaykum, my name Medhat Mabrook
I just got my UK visa
through Devisers help and support
frankly I would like express my happiness and thanks
and for their wonderful effort
during the preperation period for the visa
they offerred a lot of help & training untill i got my visa
successfully in a very quick time
I would like end this video by thanking them for their
wonderful effort & support thanks

Devisers Immigration Advisers is pleased to share our #Egyptian clients testimonial. He received his UK visa approval under the Sole Representative of an Overseas Business visa program on the 17/05/2019. Devisers Immigration Advisers has helped many Entrepreneurs secure their UK visa by opening a branch office of their existing business or by taking a new business idea to the UK. If you would like to learn more about UK Immigration, please call the office located closest to you: London, UK: +442088644400 Dubai, UAE: +97144539696 Doha, Qatar: +97444230800 Karachi, Pakistan: +922134320425

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