Turkey Client Review about his visa process with Devisers

hello everyone, my name is Ahmet March
I’m from Turkey I would like to take
this approaches Thank You to devisers I
used devisers service professional and
great service to emigrate United Kingdom
it’s their help I was able to set my
office branch in UK and managed my jobs
in Turkey from here they work real
professional they have walked me through
areas in every step of the visa process
I thank them I owe them very much thanks

Our client, Ahmad Mirz from Turkey, now resides in the UK after his visa approved in 2017. He shares his feedback from London on dealing with Devisers Immigration Advisers in Arabic. Whatever your UK immigration requirements please do get in touch. We would be happy to help +971 (0) 4453 9696 or go to our website Devisers Immigration Advisers. Devisers Immigration Advisers is registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) which regulates immigration advisers and makes sure they meet certain standards. This information can be verified by visiting the UK Government website, the (OISC) maintains a Register of Regulated Immigration Advisers, we are proud to be included on the register under our full company name “Devisers Global Limited”. About Devisers Immigration Advisers: Devisers Immigration Advisers are a leading immigration law firm with head office based in London UK and offices in Dubai, Doha & Karachi. We pride ourselves in offering customised immigration solutions for Business Owners, Investors & Professionals for UK Immigration, Canada Immigration, and Australia Immigration. If you would like to learn more about UK Immigration, please call the office located most closest to you: London, UK: +442088644400 Dubai, UAE: +97144539696 Doha, Qatar: +97444230800 Karachi, Pakistan: +922134320425

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