Mr. Melick say Thanks to devisers immigration in help to get his visa

hello hi everyone my name is Mr. Melick
from from Camden Town and I using the devisers service and I come with my family to UK at 2018
I would like to take this opportunity to
say thank you devisers also first of all they
helped us with our uses regarding the
business visa and the while we were
already heard in London they provided us
an excellent head from their London
office if you are an intrested in
immigration i has recommended in
devisers service thank you all thank You welcome in London


Devisers Immigration Advisers is pleased to share this video testimonial from our young entrepreneurial client Mr. Melick from Camden Town, London where he has set up his business. He received his UK visa under the Tier 1 Entrepreneur Business visa program from our Dubai office. When you have over 10 years of experience and an expert team of lawyers you are able to win all types of complex cases. Whatever your UK immigration requirements, please call the office located closest to you: London, UK: +442088644400 Dubai, UAE: +97144539696 Doha, Qatar: +97444230800 Karachi, Pakistan: +922134320425 www.devisers.org.uk

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