UAE resident Pakistani Client review

hi I’m Sally I’m from Pakistan and
resident of UAE for more than a decade
now I’m into shipping business here and
I had a dream to join be among the
companies in UK that is a shipping hub
for a long time for centuries so the
thing is that it was devisers who made my
dream come true and now I got my sole
representative visa and I would like to
say thank you to devisers and suggest if
you have certain dreams you should
contact divisor thank you

Devisers Immigration Advisers is happy to share our Dubai based Pakistani clients testimonial of dealing with Devisers after he received his approval under the sole representative visa program. Being in the shipping industry for a number of years, he had long dreamed of setting up a branch in the UK. Watch his testimonial on how we made his dreams come true. Devisers Immigration Advisers has helped many Entrepreneurs secure their UK visa by opening a branch office of their existing business or by taking a new business idea to the UK. If you would like to learn more about the new UK visa programs including Innovator visa and Startup visa please call the office located closest to you: London, UK: +442088644400 Dubai, UAE: +97144539696 Doha, Qatar: +97444230800 Karachi, Pakistan: +922134320425

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