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” Hi I’m Mr. Muhammed and I have applied my case from Devisers and honestly really looked after me really well. They’ve handled the whole assignment professionally and I’m very glad and I’m very happy because actually I have been able to secure my future and my families future. And I would also obviously definitely recommend to anyone else to as well to take up Devisers Consultancy because they are very professional and they actually work very well even in pressure as well. And I would obviously definitely recommend to all my friends and family. And obviously get you guys to also sign up with them as well. So take my word for it and my wife and I we’ve successfully got Tier 1 entrepreneurship application done and I am very happy with the results that I’ve got. Now very soon we’re moving and I wish you guys all the best and hope you wish me luck and prayers all the best as well.”
We are happy to be sharing another client testimonial from our Dubai office. Congratulations to our client and our expert legal team who has helped him receive his UK Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. As a British Citizen he will have: ✔️ Full rights to work and live in the UK. ✔️ FREE access to one of the world’s best public health care systems. ✔️ FREE access for family members to attend the country’s world class schools, universities and colleges. ✔️ The right to travel visa-free to 156 countries. If you’re business owner or investor then contact us today 044539696 to help you get a British Passport & Nationality.

About Devisers Immigration Advisers:

Devisers Immigration Advisers are a leading immigration law firm with head office based in London UK and offices in Dubai, Doha & Karachi. We pride ourselves in offering customised immigration solutions for UK Immigration, Canada Immigration, and Australia Immigration. We are available to provide advice and guide our clients throughout the process of immigration. We have the team of dedicated professionals working in their field of expertise with positive attitude. We take great pride in our staff and have a wonderful team of counselors and professionals working for us. Our counselors are trained and have to meet the benchmarks set by the organisation to ensure that they provide the best advice to our clients. We are aware of the variety of different circumstances and requirements that benefits an individual or corporate clients, this unrivaled understanding helps us in helping you in every aspect of your inquiry. Our Mission is to provide outstanding quality service which is efficient and cost effective that helps us to delight our clients.

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