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Applying for a visit visa

If you are thinking of moving to the UK permanently, or you want to stay for an extended period to settle a business or family member, you must first apply for a UK business or visit visa. You must travel on a business or visit visa to the UK, meaning that you will have to establish your business or family relationships with someone in the UK. The purpose of a visit visa is to provide proof of your intended stay in the UK. It is intended that you should not be in the UK more than six months.



What is a visit visa?

If you are one of the individuals who travel frequently to the UK then you will have used a visa before. If you have not, then the procedure can be daunting and time consuming. A visit visa is a temporary visa that enables you to enter and stay in the UK for a set period of time. The visa can either be for a specific visit or to remain in the UK on a longer term basis. Visit visas can be used for a specific duration or as long-term permits. What are the main reasons why you need to apply for a visit visa?



The UK Immigration Rules

“I live in the UK and have taken a low skilled job. Is my application for a stay of more than six months successful?” The answer to this question is complicated, but generally, you must be eligible to work in the UK. It is better to get the relevant enquiries checked at the right time, either from your accountant, or if you have already got an application in, before you contact the department and start revising your application. Your accountant can advise you about the various options, and point you to the relevant steps you need to take. This could be checking the specific immigration criteria that you need to meet, or a more general check of your application, and, if necessary, re-applying.



What are the requirements for a visit visa?

Most visitors will require a visa when they travel to the UK, especially those who enter the UK for business. Business visitors are typically those who need to conduct meetings with company employees or other businesses in the UK, but can be in any sector. However, visitors are specifically defined as those who intend to work or work on site. Visitors are typically bound to work within the terms and conditions of the visa application. Visas generally take up to three months to obtain and are issued in addition to the passport. A visit visa is issued to enter the UK for business travel and is valid for the duration of the trip, plus six months. This includes in the event of an emergency, and must be valid for the duration of the visit.



How do you make an application?

The way an applicant can make an application is through an online application process. How to make an application Here are the steps to follow: Make an appointment online with an authorised Visa application centre. You must provide a photograph at your initial interview. The cost of a UK Visit Visa application is £157.80 (£174.80 after Jan 2019). Alternatively, you can call the numbers below. For general inquiries, visit https://www.visa.gov.uk/ You can visit a VAC to apply for a UK Visit Visa. Where possible, apply online and complete the form using the payment method selected on the website. Alternatively, make a booking using the payment method you previously selected.



How long does it take?

The successful applicant for a visit visa usually needs to submit their request for processing within seven working days and an Application Form to the Home Office within 14 working days of submitting the Request. A shortlisted applicant is usually notified within seven working days of receiving an Application Form. This is most likely to be either the date that the request was submitted or the date the Application Form was received. The current processing time for an application is approximately 14 days, although this does vary depending on the applicant’s nationality and/or the amount of documentation required to support their request. This includes the completion of the Home Office’s Computer Aided Processing System (CAPS).



What are the costs?

The cost of applying for a business visa will depend on the category of visa requested. Visas for employment and family based visas may require an initial investment. Visas for family based visas in particular can range between £180 and £1,200. Visas for visitors, student visas and short-term business visas are usually £50 to £100. As with any visa application, applicants should take into consideration the time of application, the amount of money required and the category of visa.



What is the best way to qualify for UK business immigration?

Most people assume that any resident of the EU or its precursor states who meets certain criteria can access Business Immigration without entering a visa process. But UK business visas can be easier to secure if a customer or company does have a recognised foreign company or official partner with a presence in the UK. Every application can be verified through the Freepatent System and each form is fully checked against the full electronic HMRC database of UK businesses. All your documents must be prepared in advance. How can my company qualify as a recognised UK business? If your business is truly an established UK business, then you need to show that it is able to pay a minimum amount of UK tax.




Business Immigration is an interesting and highly competitive field to work in with talented and talented people sought after all over the world. It requires a little bit of effort to be successful, but if you put in the effort you could be rewarded. UK-based professional immigration services provide a very good service to help make it possible for you to get the right immigration status and visa to do business in the UK.




Devisers Immigration will assist you in preparing a successful business Immigration application. Your case will be assigned to a dedicated Immigration Lawyer who will support you in the process from start to end. Our assistance covers the following:

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  • Complete Business Plan
  • Assistance with collecting supporting documentation
  • Visa Interview Preparation – if required
  • Updates & Follow-up with the Consulate



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